Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located? 

We don't have a storefront yet, but we do pre-orders, events, and popups in Atlanta, GA!

Are all of your cakes and other products vegan?

Everything is 100% vegan (dairy and egg-free) and we use bone char free sugar from Whole Foods and Zulka brand. We do use ingredients that are sometimes made in facilities that also process allergens, so our products are not recommended for those with serious or life-threatening allergies.


Do you offer anything gluten-free?

We can make gluten-free cakes and cupcakes. Please name any and all allergies and dietary restrictions when placing your order and be advised that there may be trace amounts of allergens. Our cakes are not appropriate for those with severe and/or life-threatening allergies as all items are made on shared equipment.

What is bone char sugar?

Animal bones or gelatin are used to bleach and process sugar. All organic sugar is bone char free as well as other brands that cater to vegetarians, vegans, etc. We use sugar that is either organic, labeled vegan, or both.

What about palm oil?

We love to use brands like Miyoko's, Nutiva, and Spectrum because they either use no palm oil at all or only use sustainably grown palm oil. Other brands like Earth Balance also state that they support sustainable palm oil, but a lot of vegans still prefer not to use it. Other brands like Country Crock have come out with vegan butter that we use as well. If you prefer we use a specific brand or product, please send us an email with your request so we can add the applicable upcharge.

Do you ship/deliver?
Pickup only for the time being in Downtown Atlanta, GA.

I need a cake for tomorrow, can you have one ready?
We make everything fresh to order, so we require at least a few days to a few weeks notice on all orders.

How do I order a cake?
For single-tiered layer cakes, please place your order on the online menu under "Vegan Layer Cake".

We do not accept orders via email, text, Facebook messenger, Instagram DM's, or via any order form or contact form on this website. All orders must be placed via our online menu and paid in full at the time you order. An email, order form, contact form, etc. is not a placed order and will not be treated as such.

Once I order a cake, where do I pick it up? 

Pickups are in Castleberry Hill near Mercedes Benz Stadium in Downtown Atlanta, GA for the time being.

The exact pickup location will be sent to you via email after you place your order.


Did I answer your question?

If not, please email us at